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    Professional Watch Repair

    Watch Repairs Offered:

    Claudia’s Jewelry provides high grade watch repair for any brand or Watch model, proper care and maintenance to ensure that your  timepiece performs to a full potential. We offer battery replacements,band changing, addition or removal of links, replacing of stem and crowns, complete overhauls. 
    These are a few services from more than we are capable doing.   Any repair from minor to extensive a watch may need here at   Claudia’s Jewelry our specialized watch technician will take care of it. All repairs made to any watch are made and fixed at our premises and  never leave our site. 
    This way our customers don’t have to worry that something will happen to their piece.
    Since it’s left in professional hands. We are authorized dealers from Movado,Esq,Wittnauer, Accutron,Seiko, Citizen, Kenneth Cole, Bulova, and Pulsar.  

    ​*Mechanical & Automatic Watch Repair 
    ​*Watch Battery replacement
    *Watch water resistant test 
    *Watch crystal fitting & replacement {Glass &  Plastic} 
    *Dial finishing 
    *Polish Of Bands & Cases 
    *Short minor repair 
    *Watch Band Replacement Leather- metal 
    *Crown & Stem Replacement
    ​*Hand fixing & Replacement 
    *Quartz Conversion 
    *Seals & Gaskets 
    *Complete Overhauls for any brand watch 
    ​*Complete Restoration 
    *Watch band clasp repair and replacement
    {Butterfly clasp –inside open and push button style.
    ​Tri fold clasp, fold over style,singlefold  style}
    ​*Diamond & stone setting into faces, bezels,and bands.

    Crystal Replacement


    An overhaul is a service that is provided for watches that need it in order to work in good condition for daily use and wear.If your watch is running bad or not running at all this means it needs an overhaul which also is known as COA Cleaning, Oiling , and adjusting. Over time watch movements dry up inside and parts might be worn out or broken in the movement inside,this causes the watch to not function properly.An overhaul will fix any problems that a mechanical or quartz watch may have and make it work again like when it was new.

     A complete maintenance overhaul on a watch consists of the following: 

    * Complete dismantling of the watch and movement followed by an inspection of all the components.

    * Cleaning and replacement or repair of worn or damaged parts in the movement (Any additional parts needed will be at additional cost) 

    * Control of watch for at least 72 hours including timekeeping, water resistance test to factory specifications, as well as visual inspection. 

    We recommend that a periodic overhaul is made to quartz watches that are not working properly or have not been worn for a while every 5 years and for mechanicalwatches it is recommended that they are cleaned and oiled every 2-5 years this will maintain your timepiece in a good working performance for generations to come.
    We have a full service equipment shop to repair any type of watch.If your watch is not running bring it in our shop we can check it for you and give you a free estimate you decide whether you would like to fix it or not.All of our work in overhauls is guarantee. 

    What Is Water Resistant?


    What is water resistant, water resistant is when watches can only resist a certain amount of water.A watch rated as Water Resistant may come in contact with water to a predetermined extent.Most of this watches are classified by the degree until which depth of immersion is safe.It is very important to keep in mind that a water resistant rating is based upon optimum conditions in a laboratory.
    ​Real life experiences and aging of the gaskets over time effectively decrease the manufacturers specifications of water resistance over time. When water comes in contact with the movementis the worst thing that can really happen to a watch since it may sabotage the parts inside.We suggest that watches are tested at least once a year for water resistance this will help prolong your watch and keep it from water going thru and prevent damages caused by water. If a watch is not water resistant, there are a variety of different ways to make a watch water resistant. All such watches use "O" rings or rubber gaskets to seal theback of the case.
    ​A watch with a back that screws onto the case provides a higher degree of water tightness. Some crowns mostly the screw ones  actually screwinto the case, which increases water resistance even more.


    Water pressure testing 


    The watch is placed in a chamber which is half filled with water and half air.Our leak testing equipment determines where the watch is leaking. Air pressure is increased while the watch is out of the water, then the watch is slowly immersed into the water. 
    ​Once the watch is completely immersed, the air pressure is slowly released. If bubbles come out of the watch it means that air seeped into the watch prior to immersion,which gives away the location of the watch leak,this means the water might be coming in from the back case, crown, or from the crystal this also means the watch is not water resistant. Based on this procedure we can conclude the repair that is needed to correct any problem in the watch.


    Hand Fixing and Replacement: 

    Sometimes the hands inside the dial of a watch might be bent or maybe you just want a different color. We can replace the hands to new ones or fix the ones the watch has if they are not very damaged.Any adjustment necessary can be done.                 

    Watch Bands and metal band polishing

    We carry a wide variety in watch bands,straps,leather, metal,nylon,plastic,and stretch bands.The bands can be replaced for a new one while you wait, we also adjust bands to the right size by adding  or removing links.Polish of watch bands is also available we have a full equipped repair shop and the necessary tools to make a watch band look like new.   We remove all scratches and defects a band may have.

    Watch Seals & Gaskets: 

    ​When a watch is showing condensation or leaking water,this means the gasket has to be replaced for a new one.The gasket is on the back part of a watch. Gaskets are made of rubber,which protects the watch by not letting water pass thru.This type of service is offered here at our site.

    Watch Battery Replacement

    If you notice the hands are jumping in multi-second increments,when your watch stops keeping correct time or just stops running,this will be a sign of a new battery replacement is necessary, we offer this service while you wait, it is available for any brand name watch at an affordable price.   
    CAUTION ! Your watch crystal and case can be easily scratched, or the stem & crown can be damaged when closing the case back or removing tiny screws, if you damage your watch by trying to remove  the battery or installing the wrong battery, 

    Repair and Services

    Watch Stem & Crown Repair

    The crown of a watch is the little knob on the side that is used to set the time,Watch stem & crown repair can be very important if your watch happens to stop working. In order to keep your watch running accurately, the most common functions of a watch crown are to allow you to change the time,date, to wind the watch, and to stop the watch,the stem is attached to the crown of the watch and goes into the movement.If a watch has a broken stem and crown it can be replaced most of the time with original parts to ensure the highest quality repair,this will prevent the watch from getting damaged in the inside.If these repairs are left undone, it can cause damage to the watch such as water damage or the build up of dust particles.Which will lead to a more extended repair on the watch. 

    Movement Conversions

    Crystal Replacement

    A new crystal on a watch always makes a

    big difference in how a watch looks, we can replace any damaged crystals.

    Any size, shape are available upon request.

    We would select from our complete stock of hundreds of the highest quality finished crystals to fit virtually any watch model and brand.

    A “Quartz Conversion” consist of replacing your watch existing mechanical/electric movement with a modern electronically regulated quartz movement.                     This might happen when the original movement can not be fixed by parts not being in stock or available anymore.By this happening the watch may sometimes loose some features that it had before.   Eventhough changes are made to the watch by the changing of the movement the watch will continue to work properly. 

    Repair Services

    Professional Watch Repair

    Complete Overhauls

    An overhaul for a watch consist of taking apart the complete movement.The movement is then ultrasonically cleaned and oiled.

    An overhaul is recommended for watches to be done every 5 years.

    This will conserve the watch and make it work properly.