To size a ring larger we always recommend that an additional 
piece of gold is added.Sometimes if a ring is just stretched out
it might thin the shank, that’s why we recommend gold is put
into it instead of stretching it. Our jeweler will check your ring
and determine what would be the best way to bring your ring
to the desired size and insure it’s integrity.

We recommend all jewelry to be inspected and cleaned at least    
every 2 times a year. Once doing so it will prevent damage and
loss of stones to your piece. 
We can inspect your jewelry for no charge,any maintenance
needed will be recommended to help prolong the life of your jewelry. 

Claudia’s Jewelry offers a full service equipped repair shop to fulfill
any of your repair needs. Our master goldsmiths are experienced 
and capable of working with any type of jewelry.  
The master goldsmith that designs and makes some of our 
jewelry shown in our store, will be the one that will work and repair
your jewelry. This way you can be assured that your jewelry will
always be handled with absolute care,since our reputation relies on it.
​You don’t have to worry about your jewelry since it never leaves
our premises .Our jewelers repair all jewelry at our site



      * Medical ID bracelets           *Pendants

      *Dog tags                            *Necklaces

      *Hand bag                           *Luggage tags

      *Wedding gifts                     *Cuff links

      *Photo lockets                     *Key rings

      *Money clips                        *Jewelry box

      *Badges                              *Rings (inside & outside)


   The jewelry pieces are best cleaned with the use of steam and

   ultrasonic.The first step  is to soak the jewelry in a high-frequency 

   cleaning tank that is called ultrasonic.

   Once the residue and polishing greases have been removed, 

   the jewelry  is then cleaned by steaming the remaining residue

   away with a high-pressure steam nozzle.

    Nowadays with the popularity of white gold being very in, people don’t realize that white gold doesn’t always remain in white color.

    That is because white gold is made from pure 24Kt yellow gold.

    The original yellow gold is alloyed with some metals that give

    it white color. 

    However the metal has a yellow tint on the bottom. Rhodium is applied on the top to give it a white shiny look. 

    Ultimately rhodium wears away within time and reveals the

    yellow to white gold touch it has been concealing. 

    If you have any white gold pieces you can have the rhodium finish given to them, in case they are turning yellow. 

    Eventhough rhodium seems to be expensive as platinum and gold. We can do this service for your jewelry at a great price depending on the size of the piece.


    Custom Design and production is our specialty, For us there is no minor or extensive work that can not be done.

    Custom Work

    Chain & Bracelet Repair


    Any broken chains or bracelets can be repaired or reconstructed 
    if necessary at an affordable price. In the majority of our repairs 
    you can wait on them. While your piece is being repaired the 
    jeweler will also inspectionate it to let the customer know if there    is any other damage on the piece. Any repair needed will be given 
    a free estimated price.

     Jewelry Repair

    Repairs Offered

    ​*Chain & Bracelet repair        *Ring Sizing  
    *Jewelry Polishing               *Diamond Setting 
    *Ring Soldering                    *Prong Restoration    *Reshape Shank                *Re-Set Stones 
    *Full Shank replace               *Engraving  
    *Ring Rebuilt                         *Rhodium-Finishing     *Reshape Shank                    *Engraving 
    *Gold ball in Shank                *Brush finish
    *Rebuilt “v”prongs                *New Clasp     *Solder two rings together  
    *Replace lost diamonds and gems 
    *Reset and tighten diamonds and gems   
    *Pearl and Bead Restringing    
    *Earring Repair (Soldering post,screwback
    and post conversion).    
    *Rebuilt (bezel, gold links)  
    *Links (Addition/Removal)  And more....

    Professional Jewelry Repair

    Rhodium Finishing

    Our jeweler is capable of also remounting any type of stones and

    is highly specialized in setting diamonds in any shape any way 

    the customer likes. For example channel, bead, bezel, and invisible settings.

    Re-Setting Stones

    Within time jewelry sometimes starts wearing off, such as the
    ​prongs holding a genuine stone, czz, or diamond in a ring.
    We can repair any damage to prongs that are not worn  out, by
    retipping or replacing the ones that need it. If the prongs in the
    ring are very damaged we will recommend that it is replaced for
    a whole new setting. Eventhough the replacement of the whole
    setting is more expensive, then rebuilding the prongs it’s safer
    and you don’t take a chance of loosing your stone. 

    Ring Sizing


    We do engraving for any special occasion jewelry accessories,  and any special gift, we can engrave an inspirational    message, thought or date, while you wait for it, customer can choose from a simpleto advanced engraving.

    Jewelry Maintenance


    We also do great polishing work ,our master goldsmiths take  
    their time to leave every piece for cleaning look like when you first           purchased it.
    Claudia’s Jewelry has a complete jewelry manufacturing shop and
    full equipment on hand that will give all jewelry a new finish look.

    Jewelry Repair

     Our Shop