Engagement Ring

     Step #8

    And any final touch ups followed by polishing. By now the piece should be finished and completed by now to give to the customer.

    Step #7

     Melting & Casting Procedure


    Casting is the process where liquid metal is forced into a mold and cools into a particular shape. Jewelry casting is often accomplished with lost wax casting.

    After the investment is poured into the flasks,

    it is placed in a vacuum chamber to remove any trapped air  before it is allowed to cure.   

    Once the wax model is milled we take the approved wax and attach (sprews) it to a tree using a hot wax pen. The wax tree is then covered with a flask and filled with investment.We use the highest quality investment with proven burnout cycles to yield excellent casting results. The investment dries and the flask is inserted into an oven to burn out the wax, which is also called lost wax casting.


    The designer will take time and go over every aspect of the design with the customer, he will do as much revision required to achieve the look that is desired.Once it is approved it goes to the final step.   

    Wax Investment

    Step #5

    Step #3

    At Claudia’s Jewelry we put a lot of effort on every piece we

    make since it will be something you will  treasure for a lifetime.

    Our trained jewelers work with the best equipment to give the customer’s piece an outstanding look, and for necessary stone or diamond setting.

    The custom design is now completed it is sent to our bench jewelers for inspection and fix any imperfections it may have. 

     Final Process

    When the flask is burned out it has no remaining residue of wax. What remains is a hollow impression of the tree, 
    and the design that was placed inside and burned from it. 
    The empty cavity of the flask that was burned out, 
    will be filled with gold and the result is the piece being made but now finished in either yellow gold, white gold, platinum, or silver.

    The flask is placed in a special oven where the wax will be incinerated at high temperatures of 1550 F for approximately 12 to 16 hours.   

     Wax Burn out

    Step #6

    The wax model is produced and made by the Revo 540 at our

    location. The use of this machine is a great idea to cut & mill fast

    and precise, and leave the wax ready for the following step.

    Step #4

    Step #2

     CAD Process


    Also from drawing the customer & designer can discuss any feasibility and style. At this stage the design can be easily modified to accommodate any dislikes.

    Step #1

    Once the investment has hardened, the rubber sprue base is removed and the mold is ready for the wax removal process, then the flask is placed into an oven to be incinerated.

    Upon final approval the designer will produce a wax model using the Revo 540 Multiple Axis Milling System this machine is specifically designed as a companion For the Gemvision Matrix Software. 

    Wax (Milling) Procedure

    The CAD program will do the drawing design according to the specifications and preferences provided. Through computer aided design, the designer can apply stones to a setting, or anywhere the piece will require and allow the customer to have a better review of how the piece will look before it’s actually made.At this point the customer still has a chance of making any changes to any dislikes

    on the piece being made.  


    After the finished CAD model is made then designer can render a photo –like image to simulate the appearance of how the piece would finally look.This rendering projection will enable the designer and customer to visualize the final project.


    (Computer Aided Design) Allows the customer to see the piece before it exists, Rendering is the process of generating an image from a model.


    This allows the designer to have a better concept of what exactly

    is going to be worked on. A sketch features only enough detail to

    guide the designer through the project. 
    Sometimes drawing or sketching serve for two purposes: one to

    help the customer visualize how the product will look , and second

    to guide the designer craft the piece.

    We transfer the idea to the CAD program , CAD means Computer

    Aided Design. CAD-CAM is a tool used by the designer to obtain the details and precision in designs that were impossible to do before.

    This program is used to establish exact measurements of the piece

    being made.

     Custom Jewelry Design

    Sketching Idea

    The first step to start a custom design is sketching out any idea of the desired jewelry piece to be made. We put down the  design on paper as a simple sketch with dimensions and specifications. For example ring size 7, center stone, metal type etc. 

    Custom Jewelry Design

    Custom Jewelry

     How to design Jewelry

    The opening in the flask where the wax was burned from is lined up with a spout on a crucible. Once the metal is at a right temperature the centifruge being used will be released and the gold will freely flow through the spout into the empty cavity in the flask.Once the flask and the metal that was used to make the piece of jewelry is cooled.The piece is then broken out of the investment, and clipped from the tree. Finally the piece comes out already made in the metal type that was chosen. 

    Jewelry Rendering

    Claudia’s Jewelry specializes in Custom Jewelry designing,any idea

    the customer has for a special made piece we can turn it into reality. Whether the customer has a design already or would like to modify

    their own design we will gladly help. 
    We can also help the customer create their own custom design, we

    will suggest the best method based on their specifications.
    Whichever path we take to create your unique custom design,the customer can be assured that the highest level of detail andattention 

    will be given to each piece that we create at Claudia’s Jewelry and guarantee total satisfaction, 
    once the final touch is given to the piece that was made.Customers

    can come in and set an appointment with our specialized jewelry

    designer to start a special made design. He will gladly assist you in whether you are looking to make an unusual piece of jewelry,or have

    an idea for something different. Our designer will listen to what you

    are interested in having made.